Safe Roads

A unique feature of Sidra Compound is the planning of awesome internal roads and related features, where the safety of resident is at heart. Sidra roads are designed in a manner where pedestrians of all ages can enjoy a peaceful walk through the Compound’s green parks, a chill out at the stunning views of artificial lakes and fountains, or an easy on-foot reach out to the Sidra Mall. 

Vehicle roads are designed to prevent jams and help avoid traffic noise to maintain the Compound’s unique sense of tranquility, dedicated to achieve the ever-sought peace of mind of residents and visitors. Innovative measures and procedures are consistently in place to keep Sidra roads clean, green and, above all, safe around the clock.

What is a Safe Road?
A safe road is that considering children, the elderly and other road users and help pedestrians enjoy safe outing, bringing the risks of road injury to zero level. To maintain Sidra roads safety, special tracks are dedicated for bicycles, away from pedestrian tracks and vehicle ways. Likewise, special measures and procedures are always in place to consistently secure the safety of Sidra Kids. 

Taking elderly residents into consideration, Sidra roads are designed in a manner that elderly persons may enjoy a walk-out without having to use stairs with special facilities for wheel chairs. Speed bumps (or speed breakers) are provided for traffic calming and to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve Sidra roads safety conditions.

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